Season Three!

We begin our third season with “Back to Chorus Night” for families and students, on Sept. 8 (Training Chorus and Young Men’s Chorus), and on Sept. 9 (Treble Chorus and Concert Chorus). We’ll have an information session for parents about an exciting new season ahead, while the children get to know each other and get a little rehearsal time in too. Note some changes in our rehearsal schedule:

Training Chorus – Mondays at Churchill High School, 5:30-6:30pm
Young Men’s Chorus – Mondays in the Comcast Lounge, Music Center at Strathmore, 6:30-8pm
Treble Chorus – Tuesdays at First Baptist Church, 4:30-6pm
Concert Chorus – Tuesdays at First Baptist Church, 6:30-8:15pm

Web News

We are migrating our website to a new format, on Wednesday, Sept. 3. We may be down for a brief time during that day, but will then launch a fresh new site! Members will receive more information by email about navigating the members-only pages built into the new site.

Welcome to the Strathmore Children’s Chorus!

One of the fastest growing children’s choruses in the country, the Strathmore Children’s Chorus provides a pre-professional choral experience in Montgomery County to students ages 7-18 from diverse backgrounds. Read more…

Member News

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